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Hi, I’m Anna!

Prior to starting AK & Co. in 2017 Anna spent three years helping grow a startup social media app, Yik Yak, that was later acquired and left her searching for a new start-up to dive into. Anna has always had a passion for interior design, whether it was designing the company's culture and creative office environment or spearheading an office renovation, and she soon realized this was the perfect opportunity to pursue her dreams of starting her own interior design company.

Anna graduated from North Carolina State University and swam for the Wolfpack’s Division 1 Swimming Team. After graduation, Anna spent two years training for the 2012 summer Olympic Trials.

Anna is a self-made Interior Designer, Stylist, & Photographer. Anna's personal style is rooted in her colonial heritage and has evolved to include elements from her time out west. She loves incorporating old and new into her designs. Her style is very organic, earthy, and white. When she's not wrangling babies, you'll find her antiquing or drinking wine w/ her hubby.

Anna’s path to interior design is not typical, but when you have a passion and talent for something, she believes it finds you. Anna is a native of Williamsburg, Virginia and journeyed through Fort Worth and San Francisco before settling in Atlanta with her family. They also welcomed a new member to their family recently. Their son Madison was born in August 2020.

I'm a mom, interior designer, stylist & photographer!


I’m Obsessed With

my kids & vintage decor

was a collegiate swimmer

My Favorite Person is

Nothing makes me happier than

seeing my kids smile

my husband!

I Started This Business

I’m Addicted to

chocolate chip cookies

at the age of 30 (never to late to follow your dreams!)



Some stuff you need to know about me


I look forward to hearing more about your project!

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